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After the attack: Picking up the pieces
As the United States struggles to grasp the horror of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the high-tech world begins to look ahead. How is it helping in recovery efforts? Will the attack succeed in causing financial chaos? What kind of backlash can be expected? Meanwhile, citizens of the world log on to the Internet for information, comfort and action.

Web channels millions in donations
The American Red Cross, the Salvation Army and the United Way benefit from a wave of charity dollars flooding the Internet in the wake of last week's terrorist attacks.
Tech companies step up relief efforts
For Red Cross donations
Resources and other ways to help
Amazon, Yahoo accepting Red Cross donations
Microsoft pitches in to relief fund
Where to get critical information online
Hackers split over vigilante strikes
The hacker community wrangles over its response to the attacks in New York and Washington, as one group calls for strikes against Palestinian and Afghani Web sites and another calls for calm.
Senator calls for encryption crackdown
Online crooks exploit WTC disaster
Consumer watchdogs warn that con artists are concocting online frauds to profit from the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Surfers should also beware of attack-related spam.
Companies fear new wave of cyberterrorism
EBay bans World Trade Center items
E-commerce feels impact of terrorist attack
Technology could stop future terror attacks
From computers that could steer airliners away from skyscrapers to face-recognition devices already used to spot card counters in casinos, technology could provide ways to make the skies safer, but at a cost, experts said.
FAA orders e-ticketing restrictions
Military monitors resumption of U.S. flights
Expect changes in airport security tech
Bush: 'It's a new kind of war'
As the probe into Tuesday's attacks moves forward and as flights resume, President Bush works to muster a global military coalition, calling on others to make sure those responsible are held accountable for their actions.
U.K. police ask ISPs for traffic data
FBI taps ISPs in hunt for attackers
U.S. State Department technology lags
Gesture of help ripples out over the Web
Finding phone networks swamped in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attacks, freelance computer programmer Bill Shunn pitched in online to help worried people track down friends and family.
New York searches for survivors
Pentagon reports 126 casualties
Tech community mourns co-workers
One man's story of survival
High-tech data recovery put to the test
Attack revives calls for Enhanced 911
News sites swamped by attack traffic
Commentary: Time for real-time Webcam coverage
Internet encryption and the trade off between freedom and security will dominate the tech debate that is to come in the wake of the terrorist attacks in America, says columnist Guy Kewney.
Commentary: Attack hits privacy rights, too
Commentary: How the Net failed in the WTC crisis
World Trade Center destroyed
Three hijacked planes crashed into New York and Washington landmarks, destroying Manhattan's mighty twin towers, plunging the Pentagon into flames and bringing the nation to a near standstill.
Bush vows revenge, FBI storms hotel
Pentagon plane crash triggers chaos
Trade Center a massive complex
New York shaken by attacks

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Tech Update

Readers livid, Rambus vulnerable

NetMAX sidesteps VPN security scares

Extranet glues manufacturer's ERP, e-procurement systems

News in Brief

Motorola signs 3G deal in Thailand 10:54a

International cybercrime treaty gets go-ahead 09:44a

Chipmaker worried about China plans 06:39a

MSN sends content via Charter 06:34a

Sony unveils palm-sized camcorder 02:34p



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